How it started

How it started


I’ve always loved to travel and I have always had dreams of traveling with someone that I love. It all began 5 years ago and thanks to a school program and a Social Networking site. This is where it all started! His name is JC

We chatted online for many years and agreed to meet on one of my many trips to South America. On my arrival in Santiago Chile I waited for an hour and there was no one typical I thought he will never show up! I told myself he’s not interested and started to plan on how I would spend the next three days in Santiago Chile. As I approached a taxi I felt this hand on my shoulder and there he was JC. I cannot put into words the relief and joy I felt in my heart when I looked into those  dark black  eyes staring back at me.He apologized and telling me the reason why he was delayed.

We started exploring Santiago together from the famous tourist destinations and  to one of the joys , delights of the day STARBUCKS. After that we decided to stay in South Africa for almost 3 years. We started planning out our first International trip together and God is good because we won 2 return tickets courtesy of Emirates and we’ve decided to go to Paris then proceeded to Rome as a couple! I can still remember how nervous I was for him at the Immigration counter at Oliver Tambo International Airport as it was his first time to travel abroad and I knew he would be quizzed, I was right and  the Questions & Answers started:

Immigration Officer: Are you traveling alone?

E: NO, I’m traveling with my Spouse

Immigration Officer:  Where is your Spouse?

E: He pointed at me (Peter)

Immigration Officer: Do you have a picture together?

E: (Looking at me and that naughty smile appeared on his face) “Love, Querido, can I borrow your phone?” then he gave the phone to the I.O. and told her just to check all the pictures.

Immigration Officer: Smiling  she said : “Eish can I look again, you to look so lovelee, and she pointing at me “Mmm is nice” I went red in the face and prayed to Saint Jude the saint of desperate cases to please let this interview stop now. Had no idea what she was looking at as he stood there with this silly grin on his face.

We started traveling abroad and the funny thing is we do have a couples Backpack. Same colour and same size! We also have a couples cap, couples flip-flops and couples shoes! Couples swim wear from ES , Calvin Klein and yes for JC numerous  aussieBum. I must admit he looks 1000 times sexier in them than I do.

We stayed in Paris for 25 days a place JC adores and is home for him since most of my relatives are South African of French descent he thought we should get French nationality or at least try. After our stay in Paris,  We went to Rome, Madrid, Paris again and yes London,  and straight to finding an Alice in Wonderland tea set , if JC can London would be our second home. We have been based in Kimberley South for almost three year now. JC is working on his blog and I a Teacher  JC reminding me regularly that I am to comfortable in where I am at. We are planning to explore more lands in the near future and sadly to say leave South Africa at some stage soon. All I can say life is a blessing and no matter what the love, if it is real and

based on give and take and saying each nite before you go to bed forgive me and I love you, all will always be gift.


Good News

Legalization of Same Sex Marriage in the US, UK and Ireland is something that we are excited about. It gives us all hope that  Love conquers all and it’s never too late to be with your true love. We are now saving up for our next journey.

Happy travels and Love to all!


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