The Spirit of Kamfers Dam is gone.


The Spirit of Kamfers Dam  is gone.

You turned our  souls into the light with the pink mirror
Flamingo yes your hue use to burn bright
Your colours lighting up the night
We migrated out of darkness

You Called  to us ,winked at us with your pink eyelashes
You enlightened us to heal our weary hearts
To be with love and never to depart
Appreciating brand new beginnings
Your beauty echoed deep within us

We want nothing more than with you to have  to be free
To fly away from stress along with you

Our wings could only hope to grow as yours
As beautiful as yours unfolded
You are the breath of freshened air
Our spirits call to breathe once again  rejoicing in your beauty
In my memory of you I see grace


Noticing your stance without a noise
Perfectly still you are seen
At peace in life’s pond so peaceful

As we pass through to discover ourselves you Flamingo of Kamfers Dam
Taught us how to become nothing else but to be
And be who we are
Spirit of Freedom, Beauty and Hope

You tought us that we are a gift to the flowing
Always coming always going
There never seems to be enough
Time in the universe

You taught us to take a moment to enjoy
And therefore we destroyed you Kamfers Dam and the beauty sustained by you

This is an ode to your sweet nature guardian of Flamingos of Kamfers Dam
A song of love and light  , hope, beauty, peace and not danger
A memory now only
A vibrant show of figure skating gone

Our wings are rising up to bow
Take in the scenery with deepened breath

Scenery of death
Never afraid of shaking hands with death Kamfers Dam
For you are peaceful and at rest
Knowing you did  your best
A true beginning has no end or death
The journey of our souls path
In a spiritual rose bath of pink


by Peter Maynier

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