I am asked to say something in this space provided about the blog more like my flight.As a good cup of  earl grey tea is calling.  This is about my life`s journey my flight  and no  one others  but mine. My journey through the eyes of a gay man  in a straight world. Come journey with me on this the flight of the Ash Stained Dove.


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My Journey

A Gay man’s journey is to break the myth that it is the same as that of the so called straight man, no it is not, no matter what you may think do or say, it is not. And if you attached to any faith group that journey will have more hills to climb and get over.  Enough of this ranting and raving.This blog is my journey,my flight of the Ash Stained Dove. The flight of a gay man, my adventures, journeys, my experience of glob trotting,my struggles with the Divine, my flight as the Ash Stained Dove. Come fly with me on the journey of the Ash Stained Dove.


Peter M